Field-Trial Tanlay (89) – 4-5 Octobre 2014

Harper a remporté le CACT lors de son premier field-trial, mais a été retiré dimanche parce qu’il avançait. Les oiseaux tombaient trop près et Harper a eu du mal à contenir son impatience. Le terrain n’était pas adapté à ce genre de concours. Dommage, espérons que ce sera mieux la prochaine fois !

Harper won his first field-trial on Saturday, (1st Exc. CACT), for his first field-trial, but I had to pull him out from the competition on Sunday, because he was moving forward. The birds were falling just a few meters in front of him and he was too much impatient… The field was not suitable at all for this kind of competition. Too bad, let’s hope it will be better the next time !

WTA Asur 2014 Championship ended on 7th-8th July


Harper won the working-test finale, in initiation class (WTA Asur) at Château de la Verrerie, after 2 days of increasingly difficult stages.
This was his 4th victory of 5 participations this year, plus one 3rd place.
He also won the WTA Asur Championship 2014, in the initiation class.
I’m very proud of my lad, for his results and his consistency at every stage of the championship.
He was really awesome, and very pleasant to look at while working.

Harper a gagné la finale de WTA Asur en classe initiation au Château de la Verrerie ce week-end, après 2 jours d’ateliers de plus en plus difficiles.
C’était sa 4ème victoire sur 5 participations, plus une 3ème place cette saison.
Il a aussi remporté le Championnat WTA Asur 2014 classe initiation.
Je suis très fière de mon petit bilou pour ses résultats et sa constance à chaque manche du championnat.
Il a été vraiment incroyable, et plaisant à regarder travailler.

WTA Origne 22-23 March 2014

The first week-end of WTA (Working Test ASUR) of the season took place in Origne, near Bordeaux, this week-end.
For his first initiation class working test, these are the results of Harper:

  • Saturday: 1st with a score of 97/100pts
  • Sunday: 1st with a score of 97/100pts

Le premier working-test WTA a eu lieu ce week-end à Origne près de Bordeaux.
Pour sa première participation en classe initiation, voici les résultats de Harper:

  • Samedi: 1er avec 97 pts sur 100
  • Dimanche: 1er avec 97 pts sur 100
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