Clifden – Historical City of Irelane

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Clifden holds tight the historical stories of Ireland and showcases them in their streets, buildings and other architectures very well and deep. The city is surrounded by vistas and various castles and forests covered back roads for trailing through these backroads in the night, made me hear some very spooky horror stories by the locals who reside near those forests. The temperature in this particular city is warm and gives a hang of you to hang out in the beaches and the hiking trails. The city is being established in the western coast of Ireland, appreciates the adventure junkies it hosts. Here are some suggestions.

Connemara National Park

This park originates from the only fjord that is in the Clifden. The park goes as far as the twelve bens of the Rocky Mountains. The total square area of the park is about eleven miles. It is a complete Paradise, located at the outskirts of the Clifden. The park hosts it’s a most popular attraction, Kylemore Abbey, it has the most gothic architecture I have ever seen. The entry for this park is 265 Euros. You will spot many stone bridges to walk on above the most spectacular but small lakes. You cannot miss this beauty.

The Sky Road

This road is the iconic road for traveling. Most tourists hire a car and go on a road trip on this. The sky road is at least ten miles long. It is a very twisted road that stands over the western beach coast of Clifden, while you make turns and twists in the road you can feel the water waves on the windshield of your car. It is the most beautiful road trip I have ever experienced in my life and such spectacularly created road. Some of the turns in the road are so narrow that no two vehicles can cross it together. This is a must getting experience.