Day: July 15, 2019

Cork – The Widely Vast City

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After Dublin, the second largest city of Ireland is the Cork. The city is connected to the sea through Cork harbor and passages the sea trading through West channel passage. It is also surrounded by River Lee as if the river is hugging the city using it’s both arms; you can actually spot the same by visiting the south coast of the Cork. The city has survived various floods and Viking attacks but still stands as it always has been. The history in the city has been depicted from the last 7th century. Here are some places that are a must visit for the city.

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

With one of the most famous street, St. Patricks just 20 minutes away, this Cathedral holds the interest of many tourists. The cathedral was made by William Burges in the early 16th century and is the oldest architectural establishment in the Cork. Every limestone or marble used in this cathedral is the self-made stones in this very city. Cork is famous for trading its limestone and marble. The whole church is made of these stones. The tour of this church is provided for free, you can even spot the church’s priest sometimes.

Cork City Gaol

This holds a very important place in the history of Cork as it used to be a prisoner once. Now you can say it has turned into a site or a museum you can visit and take a tour. The cost of such tour is around 100-200 Euros. There are several artificial activities organized inside the prisoner, which depicts the tourists as to how the prisoners used to be finished for their misdemeanors. The prisoner is the biggest prisoner for Ireland and various inter-city prisoners used to be held here.