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Wellington Holiday: Get Ready for the Best Scenic Tours

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Wellington is a heritage town where you can relish the glimpses of 19th-century architecture and artworks. From art galleries to museums, the city boasts about all sorts of tourist attractions. Flanked by Mount Victoria, the scenic wealth of the place is truly priceless and draws thousands of tourists from nearby cities and states. Based on our short holiday experience, listed below are the most recommended destinations:

Zealandia Sanctuary

Visiting Zealandia, one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in the country was an unforgettable experience. Located in the suburb of Karori is the large wildlife preserve that spans over 225 hectares of forested land. The predator-free jungle with its reservoirs serves as a great trekking spot. Exploring the dense forest inhabited by native wild birds and animals was an adventurous experience. The place is a paradise for birdwatchers as the sanctuary preserves many native and endangered species of birds. The predator-free fence built around the sanctuary has been protecting these wild animals from getting preyed upon.

Mount Victoria

If you wish to see the entire Wellington and the heights of its beauty you must visit Mount Victoria. Located on Alexandra Lookout Road is the prominent hill of Mount Victoria with its peak located at a height of 643 feet. Tourists can choose various hiking tracks to reach the top. Mountain biking is also a popular activity in this area. From the mountain top, you get to enjoy the stunning views that cover the entire city, nearby hills, airport, and harbor.

Wellington Zoo

As a wildlife enthusiast, I never miss an opportunity to visit a zoo. But visiting the Wellington zoo was an exciting experience for the entire group. The entry fee was $99 per person for a one-day tour. The place was amazingly clean and the wild animals are well cared for.  Most of the animals are kept in natural habitats that are spacious enough to allow them to hide from outsiders. The zoo exhibits more than 100 wildlife species including lions, cheetahs, caracals, Sumatran tigers, Asian small-clawed otters, Malaysian sun bears, and red pandas.

Attractions in Gwangju that You should Never Miss

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The city of Gwangju is a hidden gem that I am happy and proud to present before you. If you are looking to explore nature and its beauty and serenity, then you should definitely visit this city.

Things to See in Gwangju

  1. Mudeungsan National Park

This is an attractive mountain range that overlooks the Gwangju city. You can hike and get to the top of the Mudeung Mountain. There are plenty of spider web trails that will lead to the top of the peak. There are bus rides to the Seoseok-Dae and Ipseok-Dae and it takes just 30 minutes.  

  1. Daewonsa

This is a grand old temple that is known for its tranquility and calmness. The temple has a traditional Buddhist temple design. I loved the wooden arch entrance and the pond that had cool and refreshing water. You can explore the surroundings of the temple by taking on the wooden paths and then getting on to the dense forest.

  1. May 18 Memorial Park

There is a memorial park dedicated to the memory of the people who lost their lives during the May 18 massacre in this city. There are plenty of archways and monuments in this memorial. The memorial tower will catch the attention of your eye instantly.

  1. Boseong Tea Fields

I took on a day trip tour to Boseong just outside the Gwangju city. I was able to get to learn a lot about Korean culture and traditions. The tea plantations are a pleasing sight and are picturesque. I did get to try out the Nokcha, which is Korean green tea.

  1. Gwangju Art Street

I am an art lover and hence I took a tour of this market that is located in Gwangju downtown. It is the best place to buy Korean souvenirs and has plenty of arts and crafts shops lined up.

Cork – The Widely Vast City

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After Dublin, the second largest city of Ireland is the Cork. The city is connected to the sea through Cork harbor and passages the sea trading through West channel passage. It is also surrounded by River Lee as if the river is hugging the city using it’s both arms; you can actually spot the same by visiting the south coast of the Cork. The city has survived various floods and Viking attacks but still stands as it always has been. The history in the city has been depicted from the last 7th century. Here are some places that are a must visit for the city.

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

With one of the most famous street, St. Patricks just 20 minutes away, this Cathedral holds the interest of many tourists. The cathedral was made by William Burges in the early 16th century and is the oldest architectural establishment in the Cork. Every limestone or marble used in this cathedral is the self-made stones in this very city. Cork is famous for trading its limestone and marble. The whole church is made of these stones. The tour of this church is provided for free, you can even spot the church’s priest sometimes.

Cork City Gaol

This holds a very important place in the history of Cork as it used to be a prisoner once. Now you can say it has turned into a site or a museum you can visit and take a tour. The cost of such tour is around 100-200 Euros. There are several artificial activities organized inside the prisoner, which depicts the tourists as to how the prisoners used to be finished for their misdemeanors. The prisoner is the biggest prisoner for Ireland and various inter-city prisoners used to be held here.

Coimbra – The Town of Universities

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Coimbra is the city boasting the oldest universities of southern Portugal. Sitting over the high banks of Mondego River, it also houses the highest amount of students in those universities. It is a cluster of a rich ensemble of buildings, also shining the finest and oldest libraries of all times. It has a handsome collection of monasteries and majestic churches, being one of the busiest commercial hubs all around Portugal.

University of Coimbra

It is the oldest and the very first university Coimbra houses and it has been named as the world heritage site. It is situated on the highest hill in the middle of the city. I took the tour to the University, which by the way is free of cost. It is capable of drawing you to itself as it has got 100 years of history to show off. It had to climb over 180 steps of the University to get an inexplicable perspective of the city. I also took a tour of the student’s prison, where they were locked up for being unruly.

Biblioteca Joanina

This is one of the most esteemed libraries, which is Baroque’s and is situated on the Paco Das Escolas, which once housed the earliest kings of Portugal. This has been coming from the 1720s and the architecture is unbelievably beautiful, you have to see it yourself to believe it. More than 250,000 volumes are boasted in this library dating way back from the 1500s to 1700s. The most intriguing thing I saw a colony of bats which is maintained to eat any insects that might harm the books.

Pedro e Inês Bridge

This bridge was built in 2007 and if you’re going for a walking tour like me, you must go through the bridge. It holds a very cool and clever design. It doesn’t meet in the middle, but there are two walkways which join in the middle to give you a more wide viewing bridge.

Clifden – Historical City of Irelane

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Clifden holds tight the historical stories of Ireland and showcases them in their streets, buildings and other architectures very well and deep. The city is surrounded by vistas and various castles and forests covered back roads for trailing through these backroads in the night, made me hear some very spooky horror stories by the locals who reside near those forests. The temperature in this particular city is warm and gives a hang of you to hang out in the beaches and the hiking trails. The city is being established in the western coast of Ireland, appreciates the adventure junkies it hosts. Here are some suggestions.

Connemara National Park

This park originates from the only fjord that is in the Clifden. The park goes as far as the twelve bens of the Rocky Mountains. The total square area of the park is about eleven miles. It is a complete Paradise, located at the outskirts of the Clifden. The park hosts it’s a most popular attraction, Kylemore Abbey, it has the most gothic architecture I have ever seen. The entry for this park is 265 Euros. You will spot many stone bridges to walk on above the most spectacular but small lakes. You cannot miss this beauty.

The Sky Road

This road is the iconic road for traveling. Most tourists hire a car and go on a road trip on this. The sky road is at least ten miles long. It is a very twisted road that stands over the western beach coast of Clifden, while you make turns and twists in the road you can feel the water waves on the windshield of your car. It is the most beautiful road trip I have ever experienced in my life and such spectacularly created road. Some of the turns in the road are so narrow that no two vehicles can cross it together. This is a must getting experience.

Cartagena: Have Fun in the Most Gorgeous City

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Cartagena is one of most colorful cities that I have come across. The friendly neighbors and the historical aspects are surely going to take you for a spin. Its tropical sunlight and colorful buildings will lift up your spirits. There are many tourist attractions to explore. Let’s take a look at the things that you can do when you step foot in Cartagena.

Go Exploring the Old City

A major portion of the city puts up in the old part of the city. This actually includes neighborhoods of Getsemani, Diego, and Centro. Here, I encountered the most picturesque streets, especially in La Ciudad Amurallada, the walled city. In fact, I came to learn that this has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The flowers, the colorful structure, and the artists are something to look out for.

Street Food Tour

Although, I tried out the fresh lemonade and cheese-filled arepas served by the food vendors of plaza, I signed up for the street food tour, too. I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to try out local dishes. In this tour, a guide is going to accompany you and you can taste items from the shops, alleyways, and carts which you might not have been able to discover all by yourself. Through the tour, you can also learn about the food and culture of the city. Do not forget to try out exotic food items like queso costeño, empanadas and buñuelos, and tinto.

Visit Mud Volcano

Want to do something eccentric? Visit mud volcano. Yes, you heart it right. El Totumo, the volcano has thick mud for you to bath in. You are going to find this just outside of Cartagena. Here, I went in for a quick massage and it was a relaxing experience. Floating in the mud is something that you might not have done before, so try it out.

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